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Flow of the Spirit International Ministries

Ernie Oquendo, was born April 7th in the Bronx, New York.  He and his lovely wife Prophetess Natasha Oquendo are the parents of beautiful twin daughters Devine and Destiny.


On October 28th, 2001, Ernie became an active member of Spirit of Christ Ministries.  He faithfully served in various areas of the ministry such as an Audio Equipment Technician, he was elected as a Deacon, shared his unique presentation of the message of Jesus Christ through Gospel Rap, whereby he writes his own lyrics, Men's Ministry, Outreach Ministry, and eventually licensed as an Elder.  In the midst of actively and faithfully laboring within his home church, he and his wife accepted the call to outreach ministry.  Finally in 2007, Fllow of the Spirit International Ministries, the church he and his wife now pastor, was birthed.


Ernie Oquendo is Licensed and Ordained in the Office of a Pastor.  He is a line upon line and precept upon precept Teacher of the Word of God.  As a Mentor, Counselor, and a positive role model, Ernie encourages men from all walks of life to live a life that is worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Lord, in his sovereignty, has anointed Ernie, giving him diverse gifts and talents with the grace to bring forth the Word of God to effectively reach and creatively impact this generation and those to come.  Pastor Ernie Oquendo is distinguished by his Godly character, humility, faith, the spirit of excellence, and integrity.  This man earnestly seeks to exemplify true purpose and to actively accomplish every exploit assigned to his life in the Kingdom of God.  



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Natasha Oquendo, was born July 13th in Panama City, Florida.  She and her wonderful Pastor Ernie Oquendo are the parents of beautiful twin daughters Devine and Destiny.  


In 2001, Natasha joined Spirit of Christ Ministries where she birthed forth proven fruit of faithfulness, diligence, integrity, and accountability all while laboring in many diverse facets of her home church including armor bearer, head intercessor, house prophet, prophetic psalmist, deliverance, prison ministry, and more.


In 2007, she and her husband became visionaries and founders of Flow of the Spirit International Ministries, Inc.  Natasha Oquendo is Licensed and Ordained in the office of a Prophet.  She holds a Bachelor Degree in Ministry.  With fervent passion, she compels mankind to receive the fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence.  She displays a skillfully aggressive yet sincere hunger and thirst for intimacy with God.  The manifest presence and transforming power of Christ are tangible attributes in her life, and are distinguishing benchmarks of her ministry.  The glory, authority, favor, and dominion of Jesus Christ truly rests graciously upon her life, yet she possesses a child-like faith!  She humbly yet confidently, knows that the anointing that carries her is a direct result of the Lord's mercy and grace.  She flows boldly under a very authentic and diverse mantle which relentlessly exemplifies God's Kingdom in operation! She has an extreme pursuit towards God and accurately expresses what is on His heart and mind.  This woman is an Eternal Messenger and a genuine mouthpiece of the Most High God!


An intercessor, teacher, mentor, life coach, conference host/speaker, and revivalist, Prophetess Natasha Oquendo is determined to live a life that is effective in true purpose and pleasing unto the Lord.  Without a doubt, she is a woman after God's own heart!.  



Revelation 22: 1-5

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